Almost stolen on the 14th floor

The perfect crime?

Left much to be desired


An almost touch

So why do you linger?

Close the door that was never open.


See you later

I hate that you made a choice for me

How we said goodbye.

How you would walk away…

I understand why you made that choice

But I still hate that you did.

So I]ll make my choice too.

I refuse to say my parting words.

See you later…

Is it?

Is it just you or is the idea of you more appealing than you?

Will you ever change the world if you do not like you?

How can you not see who you are?

Why do you care?

Why all the drama?

This is taking a form of its own

This is consuming

Is it real or just a dream?

Could it possibly be alive?

Wake me up?

Can I love and leave you?

Will you hate me ever?
Can I stay as I am?
After sharing heart beats

Can I breathe in you?
Will you let me breathe out?
Why this suffocating feeling?

Can I love and leave you?
Can I undo what is?
Can I take back tomorrow?

Friends will always get you through.
Don’t forget to keep them close coz
You can’t afford to win alone